Consumer Reports Rates Picaridin Top Insect Repellent

On May 13th, 2015 wrote an article titled “What really works against bug bites” and rated Picaridin as the most efficient, and safest insect repellent. starts the article off by explaining that the main concern of Americans isn’t so much the bites that come from these bugs, but rather the deadly disease such as West Nile and Lyme Disease. With recent threats like Chikungunya and Powassan, Americans are prioritizing the type of repellent they use and how efficient it is. The real dilemma, is that safety has not recently been key when searching for a repellent. Because Americans are afraid of the insect-carried diseases, they don’t mind dosing themselves in potentially dangerous chemicals. Consumer Reports tested insect repellents- made with milder, plantlike chemicals, and they were effective. The top scorers outperformed products that contained DEET. Sawyer’s Picaridin came in first place as the safest and most efficient repellent. 

Feel free to watch the video and find out how they determined this win. 

  • Octavio

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