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Comforttec International is dedicated to these outlined brands
Heat Factory

The Original North American Hand Warmer Brand Since 1980

Stay Warm

Hand and Toe Warmers Simplified

Omega Safety Systems

Innovative and Affordable Internal Gunlock Solutions


Custom Branding Solutions For the Ad Specialty Market

Mossy Oak®

Heat Packs and Heated Apparel Accessories

Handi Heat

Pain Relief Through Natural Heat Therapy


Sustainability at its best


High Temp Warmers

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About US

ComfortTec International
Providing quality products to leading industries

ComfortTec International (CTI) is dedicated to providing quality products across various leading industries. Our team wholeheartedly believes in our mission statement "Surround yourself with good people, and good things happen". The core characteristics of our organization is what has driven us to success and permitted continuous growth in new brands. Integrity is a huge part of CTI and every employee must hold a integrity-drive work ethic that allows them to deliver quality results. Our turn key solutions are based on the motto of under promising, and over delivering. We set proper expectations for our clients, and carry out with honest results. Comforttec International would not grow if our team did not carry a "Whatever it takes" attitude. As a company, we are constantly finding ways to improve to deliver even better results to our clients. Finally, we strive on our positive and inspiring innovation and engage with organizations that create revolutionary products that benefit our world as a whole.

  • Integrity

    Our team's integrity drives quality results with turn key solutions

  • Honesty Without Compromise

    Under Promising and Over Delivering

  • Constant and Never Ending Improvement

    Having a Whatever It Takes Attitude

  • Positive and Inspiring Innovation

    We strive on creating revolutionary products that will inspire communities


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